Services & Specialties




I am an experienced Software Engineering Lead and I’ll work with you to build the technology you need to run your business. Whether it’s a public facing website, a backend script, or an internal tool, we’ll work together to make technology work for you.

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As your business grows, so will your needs and technical requirements. As needed, I’ll work with you to maintain and evolve your technology with your business so that it continues working well for years to come.



Above all, I enjoy empowering you and your business to be successful. Whether this means building your website in a way that allows you or your employees to make changes, or building real time tracking and notifications to allow you to better understand your customers, my goal is to empower YOU to be successful.




Custom Website Design or Redesign

As an experienced web developer I will work with you to determine what technology best fits your needs and design your website from the ground up. Together we will choose style, images and messaging that represents your business in the best way possible.

Ongoing Design & Functionality Updates

As your business grows, so will your technology needs. I’m happy to continue working with you to keep your website working for you. If desired, we can also build your website in a way that allows you to make some of these updates yourself.

Full Stack

As an experienced full stack engineer, I am familiar with all aspects of application development including database design, API development, Javascript frameworks, automated testing, continuous deployment and more.

Technical Consulting

Perhaps you aren’t sure what you need yet. As an experienced Software Engineering manager, I can offer advice and walk you through how I would approach a problem. Together we will land on a solution that makes sense for you and your business.